Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Player Map of Kapu Subsector as of 544-287

Here is the Player's Map of Kapu Subsector as of 544-287!

Actual Play - 13th Game - 24 Jun 13

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-6)  Date:  544-209

Characters in play this night included the returning Tiernan, Zaccheus, D'Arcy, Gildas, Maddoc, Cinnia, Aggie, and Dionysius, and a new player, L3, joined us with her character Aggie, a scientist from Arden.

Almost two months had passed since the party returned to Arden.  The Chief Librarian sent word that he needed to speak to them.  "Looking through the Plan Alpha archives," he began, "I found that some of the data was damaged.  It appears our ancestors left something important at the colony in the Kelrax system... but we have no idea what it was.  O'er King Ossian would like you to go there, determine what of value may have been left there, and if possible bring it back.  Oh, and I want to introduce you to Aggie Iliopoulos, a computer expert who should prove useful on this mission."  The team introduced themselves, and the next day, Tiernan, Zaccheus, D'Arcy, Gildas, Maddoc, Cinnia and Aggie left Arden.

They jumped to Tralnor, stopping there only long enough to refuel, and then jumped to Alwuud to pick up Dionysius.  As they landed, they noticed the giant hole Dionysius had been digging when they left was completely gone, apparently filled in and with new grass already growing over it!  Dionysius was nowhere to be seen, but a messenger approached and invited them to meet with the King.  Once there, they were informed that Dionysius was hospitalized and in a coma.  The King explained he'd started acting strangely just a few days after the group left him, and wouldn't allow anyone near the hole.  He then began to fill it in, working apparently nonstop for more than four weeks until it was filled in.  He then collapsed, and it was apparent he'd slept little and eaten less during this time.  He'd been carried from the site and had not regained consciousness.

Using his psionics, Tiernan was able to heal Dionysius enough to awaken him, only to find he had no recollection of anything after the team left him on Alwuud.

In the meantime, Maddoc visited the training site he'd set up last visit, hoping to collect some trained soldiers to take along.  He was less than pleased to hear the Colonel tell him the recruits were slow to learn group tactics and military discipline, as they'd been raised in an individualistic warrior culture rather than a military culture.  He returned to the starship without soldiers just as the party prepared to leave.

After jumping to the Kelrax system, they learned it had two gas giants and one asteroid belt.  Approaching the nearest gas giant to refuel, they found a heavily damaged space station in orbit.  The piece that was left massed about 200 tons, so after a brief exploration, they attempted to pull it into their cargo bay.  They were partially successful, pulling it halfway into their ship when it lodged and stuck.  They immediately set about trying to dislodge it, and after several attempts they popped it free and accelerated away from it.  Unfortunately, they changed it's orbit, and as they accelerated away from the gas giant, they watched the wreck fall into the clouds and burn up.

Heading in toward the asteroid belt, they located it's homing beacon, and made radio contact with a young boy.  He told them he was trapped in a room in the main dome of the colony, and had been alone for quite some time.  It took them four days to round the star and arrive at the colony, which turned out to be three large domes with connecting tunnels.  One dome held living quarters, one held a power plant, and the center held labs.  In the lab dome, they located a large sealed metal box, which the boy claimed to be trapped in.  He couldn't remember his name, so the party decided to call him Watson.

While half the party was attempting to open the box, the other half flew to a wrecked starship not far from the station.  It had heavy combat damage and no power.  The bridge held several dessicated Vargr wearing vacc-suits but no helmets.  The team was unable to bring the engines online.

Meanwhile, in the dome, the party decided to lift the box in order to free the boy.  They unbolted it from the floor, and managed to lift it only to find it had a solid bottom.  Perplexed, they decided to take the entire box back to Arden with them.  They loaded it into their cargo hold, called the other party back from the other wreck, and headed home to Arden, stopping at Alwuud and Tralnor just long enough to refuel.

(Game Calendar:  544-209 to 544-265).