Sunday, July 29, 2012

Actual Play - 5th Game - 27 Jul 12

I let my players know there would be in-game benefits if anyone wanted to write up the details of the adventure... Player S.H. rose to the challenge, writing in character as Cinnia of Clan Gower... Thanks!

            Well, our adventures resumed after Gildas and Lykaios returned to the Valley, and Delphi rejoined our group.  That left Zaccheus, Lairgnen, Tiernan, Delphi, and I, Cinnia, at our scouting encampment.  The leader, Dimitrius of Clan Savakis, announced that he was tired of us and the prisoners just sitting around and eating their food.  Unsure of what else to do, we decided to build a pit to store our prisoners in - we wanted them alive so they would be good for prisoner exchanges if any of our people were captured.  To save ourselves from the intense work, we had the prisoners dig their own pit.  We, however, built the spiked wooden fence the keep them from escaping because we believed it would not be good to let them be in the proximity of sharp pointy objects.
            Apparently, spending more than two weeks on that wasn’t what Dimitrius wanted us to do either, so using Dephi’s clairvoyance, we located another small scouting party of Uruki.  By the time we reached them, a two and four person group had joined, so we successfully ambushed the party of six.  In our first volley, we brought down four of the Uruki.  The remaining two fled, but we shot them down as well.  All of them were alive, but unfortunately, while we were binding them so they couldn’t escape, two succumbed to their injuries.  We took the prisoners and the deceased and returned to the camp.  None of our group sustained injuries.
            Finally, Dimitrius was pleased.  He even gave us the good news that while we were away, four of our initial captives had sworn allegiance to the Ardeni.  We stayed at camp to recoup for a bit and then found another group of Uruki to ambush.  This was a party of eight.  Although we had more difficulties with this group - Delphi and Lairgnen sustained injuries and Tiernan was knocked unconscious - our mission was successful.  Lairgnen, however, killed one of the already unconscious prisoners.  Delphi, after using her medical abilities to assist herself and Tienan, saved all but one of the prisoners from their severe injuries.  Zaccheus telepathically requested for mules to be sent to carry the wounded and deceased because not enough had regained consciousness so we could move them by ourselves.
            Our return was once again praised.  Dimitrius informed us that other of our scouting parties had not met as much success as our group.  Also, he told us that four more of the Uruki prisoners had changed sides.  Well, now, we had four dead Uruki in our camp, and we had to deal with them, so we left for the Uruki encampment to return their dead.  Zaccheus led our group carrying the white flag.
            As we entered the camp, a path was cleared for us to their leader’s tent.  He told us to leave the bodies there.  Then, he offered us food and shelter for the night.  The food was good.  Once in our accommodations, their leader came to see us.  For the sake of a peaceful stay, we bound and gagged Lairgnen.  Although the leader questioned this, we must have provided a suitable explanation.  The leader’s name was Dylan, advisor to the Uruki High King.  He believed that the king had ordered war because of the Ardeni’s lack of honor and was surprised to see that we were honorable enough to return their dead.  Our actions had pleased him and he offered to speak with his king to see if they could rethink the war.  I will admit now, I wish we hadn’t just hidden the first Uruki we killed in the bushes, but it’s a little late too retrieve him now.
            After a generous breakfast from the Uruki, we returned to our camp and reported the events to Dimitrius.  He then told us that we should return to Ossian.  We did and he called a meeting with our clan chiefs and us.  He informed us that we had brought great honor to our clans and inquired whether we wished to resume fighting Uruki, or if we wished to investigate the threat from space.  Believing that we had done as much as possible for the war, we chose to investigate space.  But first, we wished to improve or skills for our journey.  After a month of training, Lairgnen, Zaccheus, and Tiernan came away with new skills.  Delphi and I were not as fortunate.  I guess I am not meant to learn the mysteries of the Vacc-Suit.  I hope no crisis will occur that will require it.  We wrapped up our time picking what to bring on our ship to trade - our clan chiefs will pay for the goods we choose to bring.  Most likely, our credits will not work on other planets.  Until next time - Cinnia.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Actual Play - 4th Game: To War! (17 Jul 12)

Cinnia, Tiernan, Lairgnen, Lykaios, Gildas and Zaccheus were called to meet with King Ossian to give him their decision on their next move.  After much discussion, they agreed to do battle with the Uruki.  Although they asked, King Ossian would not spare them one of the new-found spacecraft for the war effort.  Instead, he gave them each authority to requisition 1000 credits worth of whatever they needed and then sent them to the Borderlands.

Using one of the newly refitted motorized carts, they drove the length of the Valley and through the Grey Hills in two and a half days.  The Commander of the Watch was briefing them on the situation, when a runner returned with news that the Uruki had finally sent patrols out of the Great Central Plain.

The group decided to head out right away to intercept one of the patrols.  After hiking almost three hours into the Borderlands, they surprised a patrol carrying the banner of Uruki clan Probyn.  Lairgnen sprinted forward, sword in hand, while the others opened fire with rifle, shotgun, revolver and longbow!  Tiernan learned, to his chagrin, that having no skill with a rifle means you're not likely to hit with it, while Gildas found out that a revolver isn't as useful as a shotgun in a group combat situation.

The battle was over in less than a minute, when the last standing Uruki threw down his bow and surrendered.  Lairgnen, still sprinting forward to melee, dropped his sword and tackled the survivor, who hit his head on the ground and passed out.

They quickly stripped the arms and armor from the Uruki, and found that 8 were still alive, but unconscious.  They bound them all, and when the first awoke, Lairgnen attempted to interrogate him.  Although successful, he learned nothing of value.  As the rest of the prisoners regained conciousness, they blindfolded them, roped them together, and began the hike back to the Grey Hills.  They returned to camp by that evening, with 8 prisoners, an Uruki battle flag, and extra longbows, clubs and daggers.

They rested a few days to heal at the camp in the Grey Hills.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Asked by the King to choose...

Almost three and a half months have passed since you returned home to your families.  The Uruki warriors have massed on the edge of the Great Central Plain, but have camped there for the last two months without crossing into the Borderlands.  The Watcher has made several appearances at the camp, and fully fifteen Uruki died before they learned the lesson the Gnomes learned centuries ago... ignore the Watcher!

The Ardeni have been busy with Plan Alpha, bringing technology packages from Alpha Base so Ardeni craftsmen could learn to rebuild.  The warriors among the Ardeni have continued training, as always.  The alien radio has been silent.

King Ossian calls for you and tells you that because of the great honor you brought yourselves, your Clans, and your King, he will give you a choice regarding your next service:  You may lead troops into battle during the upcoming war, assuredly earning additional glory; or you may opt instead to carry the Ardeni Banner to the stars, learning all you can of the other worlds, and of the enemy that approaches from above.