Monday, July 16, 2012

Asked by the King to choose...

Almost three and a half months have passed since you returned home to your families.  The Uruki warriors have massed on the edge of the Great Central Plain, but have camped there for the last two months without crossing into the Borderlands.  The Watcher has made several appearances at the camp, and fully fifteen Uruki died before they learned the lesson the Gnomes learned centuries ago... ignore the Watcher!

The Ardeni have been busy with Plan Alpha, bringing technology packages from Alpha Base so Ardeni craftsmen could learn to rebuild.  The warriors among the Ardeni have continued training, as always.  The alien radio has been silent.

King Ossian calls for you and tells you that because of the great honor you brought yourselves, your Clans, and your King, he will give you a choice regarding your next service:  You may lead troops into battle during the upcoming war, assuredly earning additional glory; or you may opt instead to carry the Ardeni Banner to the stars, learning all you can of the other worlds, and of the enemy that approaches from above.

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