Monday, April 2, 2012

Library Data: Plan Alpha

War raged throughout the sector, as it had off and on for 800 years.  The descendants of the Philosopher Kings looked ahead, and saw only war leading to the end of interstellar civilization.  To keep avoid sharing that fate, they devised Plan Alpha.  They spent years searching for the perfect hideaway, and found it in the Melyn 32 star system.  Settled by the Elekeen right after the First Survey of the Imperium in Exile, Arden was the site of the first planet-buster dropped in the Exile Galaxy, and it was still recorded as a Red Travel Zone, with working beacons in orbit.  Phase one of Plan Alpha involved wiping out the native life on Arden, and reseeding it with a carefully designed package of plants and animals to ensure that life would be easy without high technology.  Phase two involved the creation and storage of stepped technology packages that would allow a people with the knowledge to rebuild a technological society starting with the tools to build the tools needed.  Alpha Base was constructed from a large asteroid, and filled with the necessary packages, then hidden in the outer asteroid belt of the Melyn 32 system and powered down.  A trio of 400 ton subsidized merchants were hidden in the inner asteroid belt.  Finally, as they colonized Arden, they made sure the Red Travel Zone beacon was still active, and preserved one 50 ton cutter in the basement of an enormous wooden structure in the capital city.  Knowledge was preserved in several libraries, and necessary skills retained by craftsmen who would be able to work with the technology packages to begin the restoration.  The use of technology would be kept below TL5 to avoid attracting the attention of any visitors ignoring travel zone beacons. 

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