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Player Map of Kapu Subsector as of 544-287

Here is the Player's Map of Kapu Subsector as of 544-287!

Actual Play - 13th Game - 24 Jun 13

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-6)  Date:  544-209

Characters in play this night included the returning Tiernan, Zaccheus, D'Arcy, Gildas, Maddoc, Cinnia, Aggie, and Dionysius, and a new player, L3, joined us with her character Aggie, a scientist from Arden.

Almost two months had passed since the party returned to Arden.  The Chief Librarian sent word that he needed to speak to them.  "Looking through the Plan Alpha archives," he began, "I found that some of the data was damaged.  It appears our ancestors left something important at the colony in the Kelrax system... but we have no idea what it was.  O'er King Ossian would like you to go there, determine what of value may have been left there, and if possible bring it back.  Oh, and I want to introduce you to Aggie Iliopoulos, a computer expert who should prove useful on this mission."  The team introduced themselves, and the next day, Tiernan, Zaccheus, D'Arcy, Gildas, Maddoc, Cinnia and Aggie left Arden.

They jumped to Tralnor, stopping there only long enough to refuel, and then jumped to Alwuud to pick up Dionysius.  As they landed, they noticed the giant hole Dionysius had been digging when they left was completely gone, apparently filled in and with new grass already growing over it!  Dionysius was nowhere to be seen, but a messenger approached and invited them to meet with the King.  Once there, they were informed that Dionysius was hospitalized and in a coma.  The King explained he'd started acting strangely just a few days after the group left him, and wouldn't allow anyone near the hole.  He then began to fill it in, working apparently nonstop for more than four weeks until it was filled in.  He then collapsed, and it was apparent he'd slept little and eaten less during this time.  He'd been carried from the site and had not regained consciousness.

Using his psionics, Tiernan was able to heal Dionysius enough to awaken him, only to find he had no recollection of anything after the team left him on Alwuud.

In the meantime, Maddoc visited the training site he'd set up last visit, hoping to collect some trained soldiers to take along.  He was less than pleased to hear the Colonel tell him the recruits were slow to learn group tactics and military discipline, as they'd been raised in an individualistic warrior culture rather than a military culture.  He returned to the starship without soldiers just as the party prepared to leave.

After jumping to the Kelrax system, they learned it had two gas giants and one asteroid belt.  Approaching the nearest gas giant to refuel, they found a heavily damaged space station in orbit.  The piece that was left massed about 200 tons, so after a brief exploration, they attempted to pull it into their cargo bay.  They were partially successful, pulling it halfway into their ship when it lodged and stuck.  They immediately set about trying to dislodge it, and after several attempts they popped it free and accelerated away from it.  Unfortunately, they changed it's orbit, and as they accelerated away from the gas giant, they watched the wreck fall into the clouds and burn up.

Heading in toward the asteroid belt, they located it's homing beacon, and made radio contact with a young boy.  He told them he was trapped in a room in the main dome of the colony, and had been alone for quite some time.  It took them four days to round the star and arrive at the colony, which turned out to be three large domes with connecting tunnels.  One dome held living quarters, one held a power plant, and the center held labs.  In the lab dome, they located a large sealed metal box, which the boy claimed to be trapped in.  He couldn't remember his name, so the party decided to call him Watson.

While half the party was attempting to open the box, the other half flew to a wrecked starship not far from the station.  It had heavy combat damage and no power.  The bridge held several dessicated Vargr wearing vacc-suits but no helmets.  The team was unable to bring the engines online.

Meanwhile, in the dome, the party decided to lift the box in order to free the boy.  They unbolted it from the floor, and managed to lift it only to find it had a solid bottom.  Perplexed, they decided to take the entire box back to Arden with them.  They loaded it into their cargo hold, called the other party back from the other wreck, and headed home to Arden, stopping at Alwuud and Tralnor just long enough to refuel.

(Game Calendar:  544-209 to 544-265).

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Actual Play - 12th Game - 3 May 13

Allshire/People's Democratic Republic of Allshire/Gruvek/Kapu (2126 E978978-9) Date:  544-073

This week we were back up to 10 players:  Zaccheus, Blaine, Dionisius, Tiernan, D'Arcy, Capt Neo, Maddoc, Gwayne, Chidi and Cinnia (via Skype).

(In order to get everyone together again) O'er King Ossian asked Maddoc, Gwayne, Chidi and Cinnia to take the Amuar (Peacemaker) to Gruvek to assist with the diplomatic mission.  On the morning the rest of the party was supposed to meet with the League of Nations on Gruvek, Prime Minister Victoria Taylor, of Allshire, notified them another ship had arrived.  They made contact, then postponed the meeting in order to bring the new arrivals down from orbit.

Chidi, Blaine and Gwayne opted to remain on the Amuar (Peacemaker) in orbit, and Maddoc chose to stay outside talking to soldiers on the base.  The rest of the party entered the auditorium to make their case for joining the Ardeni Kingdoms.

They were surprised to note that only half of the national delegations were human!  Twelve were Vek and five were mixed.  The Vek delegates appeared to be crystalline-scaled lizard men!  After being introduced to the delegates by Prime Minister Taylor, Tiernan led off with a speech about the Kingdoms, trade policy and the non-interference aspects of the agreement.  D'Arcy, Capt Neo, Zaccheus and Cinnia chimed in with additional information, and took questions from the delegates, some of whom were openly hostile to them.  Shortly after the group was accused of spying, Dionysius teleported out of the room, which caused an uproar!  Blaine sat quietly, then walked out himself.  Capt Neo stood up and passed out copies of the Trade Accords to all the delegations, and the party gave them time to read over them.  The delegate from The Federated States of Kree asked about purchasing weapons, then argued that if the group helped their enemies even without military aid, it would allow them to devote more time to their military, thus endangering Kree.  He stood up in a huff, ripped the Accords in two, and his delegation walked out.  On the way past the party, though, he dropped a note on their table.

Seventeen delegations signed the Accords, and delivered them to the group.  Thirteen delegations walked out vowing not to sign, and the other five said they had more questions.  After further discussions of representation at the O'ersmeet, currency linkage and the non-interference clause, three more delegations signed, and 2 more decided not to.  The 20 delegations who'd signed then asked about trade goods and  everyone decided to conduct trade the next day.

The party returned to their rooms and, after reading the note, met again on the Arianwyn.  The note from the Kree delegation asked them to contact him via radio at a specified frequency at 2330.  The party made contact, with Tiernan talking for them.  The Kree representative told them they would sign the agreement if they could get weapons, but Tiernan said they couldn't do that.  They spoke for several minutes and the subject was brought up several more times before the radio contact dropped.  The players realized they might have been set up, and asked to listen to the recording of their radio call... but they hadn't recorded it.  (Zaccheus then said that from now on, ALL radios on the ships would be recorded at all times!)

A little while later, they were contacted again by the Kree representative, who asked again if they were willing to trade in arms.  When they balked, he played back a recording of Tiernan saying, "We will ... offer you weapons."  Tiernan tried flattery, admitting Kree had pulled one over on them, but still refused to sell weapons, and the Kree representative hung up again.  The party immediately drafted a dispatch to each of the tweny signers explaining what had happened, and delivered them to the barracks where each delegation was staying.  Tiernan arranged a quick meeting with Prime Minister Taylor, who told him this was standard for Kree... they always played whatever games they could to get ahead.  She told him it would not affect any of the signers, but might affect the other nations.

In the morning, the party brought their trade goods, and ended up selling all the spices (from both Arden and Cevdoo) and textiles they had on-hand.  They then purchased a large load of high tech computer parts from a company from the Commonwealth of Lub.

During all this trading, Dionysius found soldiers on the base who needed to do some digging, and volunteered to help.  Meanwhile, Maddoc, through one of the soldiers, recruited 7 young men from outside of the base to join his "army" and see the stars.

As the trading finished up, Tiernan said the party would remain until the end of the week if anyone else needed to speak to them.  Maddoc asked his contact to find a trainer who would go with them, and he met with a retired Sergeant Major who asked about the job.  He said he could pull together a team if he could have 3 more weeks.  The group waited the three weeks, and Maddoc's "training team" arrived, each wearing jack armor and carrying a pistol.  They were led by a Major, and he agreed they would set up a military training school on Alwuud if Maddoc supplied cash, weapons, recruits and local govt support.

The party then jumped to Cevdoo, where they met with Abinadab.  He was disappointed they had no goods for him, but agreed they could bring in outside help to upgrade the starport on Cevdoo, as long as trade continued to flow through him.  The party continued on to Alwuud, where Maddoc met with King (and Clanchief of Clan Pryce) Baird, who agreed to host the military training facility.  He then dismissed Maddoc and spoke directly to the Major.

Jumping on to Tralnor, the party met with the Council, and asked if they could bring in Leventis Labs to help upgrade the starport.  The Council asked about the starport on Arden, and when they learned it was only a class E, told the party to take a hike, since they already had a class B!  The party then went home to Arden, and sold the computer parts to Leventis Labs at a huge profit.  Maddoc asked to go to Alpha Base, so the party flew out to see the O'er King.  Maddoc met with him to discuss setting up a draft, and the O'er King lectured him on the their government form, reminding him that the free people of the Ardeni Kingdoms would not put up with such a usupation of power, and he wouldn't even consider it!

The party returned to Arden, and we stopped for the night.

(Game Calendar:  544-073 to 544-157).

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Latest Kapu Subsector Map

Here is the map the party has of Kapu Subsector.  It is current as of 544-070.

Changes include the larger border of the Ardeni Kingdoms, and the new name, Alwuud, given to the Libmon system by King Baird of Clan Pryce after he and his people established their new colony there.

The party is currently on Gruvek, about to meet with the League of Nations to negotiate a treaty.

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Actual Play - 11th Game - 26 Apr 13

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-6) Date:  543-218

This week was our smallest group of players for Star Clans.  We had a new member, M, join us, and he created a Kearnayan Army Col named Deka, who was serving as a crewman on the Amuar (Peacemaker).  We also had D'Arcy, Blaine, Zaccheus, Tiernan, Capt Neo and Dionysius (he changed his spelling).  After our previous game, they gave Capt Diallo the OK to practice skimming the gas giant for refueling, then party spent a month and a half hanging about Star City.

As this session began, they regrouped and discussed their next move.  They decided to continue trying to expand the scope of the Ardeni Kingdoms, via diplomacy, trade and colonization.  Since the group was smaller, and they wanted to carry cargo, they left the Amuar at Arden, and opted to use the Arianwyn exclusively for now.

After loading up on trade goods (liquor and spices) they jumped to Tralnor then Libmon and on to Mitsuko.  At Mitsuko, they won over the Supreme Leader with the promise that once a year, they'd return with more liquor and spices in exchange for arms and more prisoners.  They agreed there would be no other visits and no other visitors.  After the Supreme Leader signed the agreement, they collected 11 political prisoners, telling him they'd drop them off on an empty planet like the others, and immediately made the trip back to Arden.  The "prisoners" were hired right away by Leventis Labs.

Next, they spoke to the chief of Clan Pryce about emigrating to Libmon.  He liked the idea, but asked to be taken to Alpha Base to discuss it with O'er King Ossian.  The two reached a quick agreement, with the Chief of Clan Pryce being elevated to King.  Upon their return to Arden, the group spent a few months ferrying all 400+ members of Clan Pryce to their new home on Libmon.

Returning to Arden, they loaded up again on liquor, and headed off to Cevdoo.  As they landed, the ship was approached by five merchants in palinquins.  One of the five happened to be Abinadab, who they'd traded with their first time to Cevdoo.  He shooed the other merchants away and invited the group to a feast in his tent.  They were able to convince him to sign the trade accords without too much effort, simply having to agree that all trade with Cevdoo would be through him, and that they'd show up every two months, to give him time to sell out what they'd brought earlier.

Back at Arden, they went to Alpha Base to ask O'er King Ossian to focus on upgrading the starport on Arden.  He agreed it was an important goal for the Kingdoms.  He asked them to take the armor they'd bought at Mitsuko to the Front, where Ardeni warriors were engaged in a stand-off with the Uruki.  After doing so, they returned to Star City where they met with the head of Leventis Labs.  Their goal was to have him open a lab on Libmon, but he declined, saying he'd do so as soon as he knew King Baird (formerly Chief Baird of Clan Pryce) wanted them there.

Finally, they decided to try Gruvek again.  They journeyed to Gruvek via Abequa, where they stopped to meet with King Baloq and Queen Delphi (formerly of their party).  They discussed having Leventis Labs open a subsidiary there and the King agreed, writing out a warrant for delivery to the Lab.  Before they left, Queen Delphi showed the party her children, two fifteen month-olds, a boy named Jean, and a girl named Channelle.

They jumped on to Gruvek.  The last time they visited Gruvek, their ship had been shot at by ground based laser defenses, so they were more cautious.  As soon as they arrived in the Gruvek system, they began hailing.  Their first contact asked who they were, and didn't believe they were from another system, finally signing off rather than talk to people who were clearly trying to con him.  The second contact they made was with an astronomer at a mountaintop observatory.  He didn't believe them at first either, but when he trained the telescope on the ship in orbit, he invited them to land.  He arranged a meeting with his nation's Prime Minister.  They flew the ship to the capital, landing on the lawn outside of the parliament building, where the Prime Minister met them and invited them inside.  They discussed the civil war the planet was having, and she told them there was no such thing... not one of the 35 nations was having a civil war.  Over tea, she explained there had been a long war, but there was an uneasy truce right now, and they asked if there was a transnational group they could speak to.  She left them to confer with the King, and returned later in the day, quickly signing the trade accords, and agreeing to call a meeting of the League of Nations.  They were moved to a military base and hung out for ten days, during which they were caught by camera crews outside the base perimeter and broadcast internationally.  On the morning of their tenth day on the base, the Prime Minister arrived early and told them to prepare to meet with the representatives at the League of Nations.

We ended play for the night with them preparing to meet the League.

(Game Calendar:  543-218 to 544-072)

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Actual Play - 10th Game - 1 Mar 13

The Hub/Kearnay/Zaynu (2118 BA69747-A) Date:  542-342

Our cast this game included Chidi, Capt Neo, D'Arcy, Tiernan, Zaccheus, Gildas, Dionysus, Maddoc, Gwayne and Cinnia (via Skype).  Blaine, Lykaios,  and Alec (in cold sleep) were also on board the ship but not represented by players.

The party hung around at The Hub for two more weeks while both Capt Neo and Kojo looked for crew for the Amuar.  Their new crew consisted of 8 Khorred, 5 Vargr and 40 humans.  Fueling up once again, they began their journey back to Arden, taking both Ga'a'atak and Fil with them.  This time, they stopped only to refuel, and didn't make contact in any of the systems they traversed.  The Arianwyn traveled to Sesmiti, then on to Amitola-3, while the Amuar jumped straight to Amitola-3 and waited for them.  After that, they stayed together, jumping on to Mosi, Ryen, Paronu, Rynah, Khdor, Artemis, Prubrea and Abequa in turn before reaching Arden 110 days later.

On Arden, they learned that King Ossian had been elected O'er King of the Ardeni Kingdoms and moved to Alpha Base, and Kyler of Clan Gower had taken over leadership of the Northernmost Kingdom on Arden.  They also learned that three of the Kingdoms of the Great Central Plain had sued for peace, while the rest were still in a state of war.

The party stayed in Star City for three days before flying out to Alpha Base to meet with the O'er King.  While there, they passed on the astrographic data from The Hub at Kearnay, and Ossian welcomed them home.  When he learned they had failed on their initial diplomatic mission to Tralnor, he asked them to go back and try again.  The round trip to visit Ossian took them 5 days.  Back at Arden, Maddoc learned that his Clan (Pryce) was part of one of the Kingdoms that had sued for peace; and he took a few days to recruit 10 Clan warriors in order to form "The Crimson Blade," a group he hoped would help them colonize Libmon.  The party then jumped back to Tralnor.

They spent just over six weeks on Tralnor, finally gaining the Council of Seven's agreement to join the Ardeni Kingdoms.  Returning to Arden once again, we ended the game for the night.

(Unfortunately, I don't recall the details of the Tralnor negotiations... but I know there were some amusing events:  a drinking match with one of the Council, and some weapons-play at the request of another.  Players?  Help me out in the comments!)

A few days later, while the party was relaxing on Arden, they received a call from Capt Diallo, the leader of the crew they'd hired at Kearnay.

She asked, “I have piloted the Amuar, excuse me, the Peacemaker for more than three months now, and have had time to review the ship’s library data.  The technical data about the ship says that it is semi-streamlined, capable of refueling via skimming of gas giants, AND is capable of landing on planet with an atmosphere rating of 0 or 1.  I would like your permission to leave orbit and head to the closest gas giant to practice refueling until you need the ship again.”

The party (via e-mail, since this took place between games) agreed to let her do so.

(Game Calendar:  542-342 to 543-165)

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Actual Play - 9th Game - 17 Feb 13

The Arianwyn/Hyperspace Date: 542-121

Our cast this week included one new player, but two new characters:  A Kearnayan pirate named Chidi, and Capt Neo, MD, a retired doctor who'd spent time in the navy and the army, then as a pirate before becoming a doctor.  Returning were D'Arcy, Tiernan, Lairgnen, Zaccheus, Gildas, Dionysus, and Cinnia (via Skype).  Blaine, Lykaios, Maddoc, Gwayne and Alec (in cold sleep) were also on board the ship but not represented by players.

The Arianwyn remained in hyperspace a total of twelve days, finally dropping out into normal space on 542-125.  Immediately, the crew pulled up the ship's maps to determine their location.  They assumed remaining in hyperspace almost two weeks would have moved them the equivalent of a jump-2, so began calling up planetary profiles of the worlds in Kapu subsector that might have been targets.  Luckily, they had emerged in the vicinity of a star system.  A quick scan showed it had six gas giants and 4 asteroid belts, and they used that information to rule out all of the systems they thought they might have arrived in.

Looking over the ship, they noticed three of their low berths were in use.  Tiernan cycled the first, and a short while later, Gildas, whom they'd thought left behind on Arden, emerged unscathed.  A second berth held Blaine, who they also woke up, and the third, Alec, who remained in cold sleep.  Gildas explained that Ardeni medics had wanted to test out some drugs they believed would make cold sleep safer, so the three of them had volunteered as test subjects.  That they were on board was supposed to have been announced as the party left Arden, but the message was misplaced and never passed on.

As they gave up on identifying the star system from their ship's data, they noticed a small craft just a hundred meters from the Arianwyn.  Zaccheus immediately turned on ship's radio to hail them, only to hear cussing and a thickly accented voice tell them he'd been trying to reach them for an hour!  As they explained they were from another star system, he introduced himself as Kojo, and offered to be their agent to The Hub, "the center of all trade in the universe!"  After some discussion, they agreed, and talked him down from 25% to an 18% commission.  They asked about getting an updated star map, and Kojo explained that the Trade Accords required astrographic data to be shared freely, so he sent them data files to update their ship's library.  He then had them follow his ship to the Starbrite, a moving station built into a rocky asteroid that serves as an R&R destination for weary belters, a refueling and resupply station, and a low-cost way to travel around the entire system.

Kojo took them to a nightclub on the Starbrite, where he bought them drinks while they listened to the jazz stylings of Ga'a'atak, a Khorred musician.  

When Ga'a'atak's first performance was over, he back-flipped off the stage, and jaunted away through the crowd to get a drink.  A friend of Kojo's, Capt "Doc" Neo, joined them for drinks.  As the party continued to converse with Kojo, they noticed the room contained not only humans and Khorred, but seated in a dark corner was a tall figure in silvery-grey robes, listening to a loud, overly drunk belter telling stories.  Doc told the party the figure was a Mel, a solitary race that claimed to have been here literally forever.  Thinking he might be like The Watcher from Arden, they approached, and both Tiernan and Gildas noticed they were being studied psionically.  Suddenly the being stood to his full three meter height, bowed to them and said, "My apologies... I did not mean to read your thoughts... that is considered very rude among my people!"  He waved them over, and the old belter suddenly found himself leaving to make room.  He introduced himself as Filistofisarasticallius, "but you may call me 'Fil,'" and he told them he wanted to hear their story.  He bought several rounds of drinks, as the party told him about Arden and Abequa, and their mission to establish both trade and diplomatic relations.  He pointed out, apologetically, that between their story and their appearance, they didn't seem to come from a world that could have produced a starship.  They explained a little about Plan Alpha, and, when asked, explained their form of government.  He told them if they desired, he could show them the location of an abandoned starship from the time humans first arrived in this galaxy.  They were eager to learn more, but decided they needed to continue to The Hub, to sell off some trade goods, and have the Arianwyn looked over at the shipyard.  They told him they'd return.  Before they left, Chidi arrived to talk to Doc, who seemed a little nervous about him.  Chidi and Doc both joined the party.

The next day, Kojo led them as they flew to The Hub, the combination Shipyard and Free Trade zone orbiting the main planet, Kearnay.  He introduced them to Azabop, the Bwap (Newt) currently serving as portmaster.  Azabop scheduled The Arianwyn in the earliest slot avaialable, 6 weeks hence, for two weeks of maintenance.  After the overhaul, they were told several issues with the jump controls were discovered and corrected but the jump drives themselves were left alone since they seemed to be in working condition.

Travelling back to the Starbrite, the party picked up Fil.  Ga'a'atak asked if he could join them, and the party enthusiastically agreed.  After Cinnia gave Ga'a'atak, Chidi and Doc a quick tour, the Khorred went to the forward lounge and began playing his music.  Fil went with Zaccheus to the bridge, and explained they had to jump one parsec to a place without a star system.  He assured them that even without a gas giant, fuel would be available, so they made the jump.

A week later, they came out in deep space.  Sensors detected the ship Fil had promised and three of the party used the launch from The Arianwyn to fly over to her.  The E-Deck Cargo Bay was open to space, and all systems powered down. 

Gildas was able to locate a terminal, power up the ship, and repressurize the Cargo Bay.  He determined there was enough fuel to get The Arianwyn back to Kearnay, but not enough for the Amuar to go anywhere, so they transferred fuel and headed back.  At The Hub, Azabop approached them to ask whether they had the authority to sign the Trade Accords on behalf of their homeworlds.  After discussing their mission amongst themselves, they agreed they did.  D'Arcy signed for Abequa, and Tiernan signed for Arden and the Ardeni Kingdoms as an interstellar organization.  This had the immediate affect of linking their currencies, so that 1 KearnayanCr = 1 AbequanCr = 1 ArdeniCr = 1 (AK)Cr.  Next, they purchased L-Hyd tanks, filling their excess cargo capacity so they could be reused.  They made three trips back to the Amuar in order to give her enough fuel to jump back to Kearnay, and then Gildas managed to jump her back.  The main power plant went off-line as they arrived at the Kearnay system, and Gildas powered down all but the maneuver drives in order to get back to The Hub.  It turned out all of the Amuar's boats:  a shuttle, a pinnace, two lifeboats and an air/raft were all missing... presumably taken when the crew abandoned the ship.  The party scheduled a maintenance check, again with a six week delay, and had the ship repaired.  They had to sell more of their trade goods in order to be able to afford the shipyard fees, but managed to pull it off.  

Meanwhile, back on Tralnor, Lairgnen was transported to the mines for his 15 years hard labor.  During his first month in the mines, he learned that escape would not be easy... the prisoners stayed below, the guards above, and the only way to be fed was to load the daily quota of ore onto a tiny elevator that hauled ore up and food down.  No ore, no food.  He quietly began gathering a group of prisoners to figure out an escape, and found two almost immediately who wanted to know his plan so they could help.  During his second month, he added a third prisoner to his "crew," and they began trying to mine more than their quote each day so they could use the extra in their escape attempt.  Poor nutrition, lots of dust and physical exhaustion led Lairgnen to come down with something during his third month; only a kind guard's lowering medicine for him kept him alive.  In his fourth and fifth months in the mines, he continued to keep extra ore, as did the rest of his crew.  In the sixth month of Lairgnen's imprisonment, about the time the rest of the party was bringing the Amuar back to the Kearnay system, he approached another prisoner about joining the escape plan.  This prisoner, however, took an immediate dislike to him, and punched him in the face.  Lairgnen fought back, but six months in the mines had taken their toll, and Lairgnen lost the fight, and his life.

(Game Calendar:  542-121 to 542-328)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Actual Play - 8th Game - 20 Jan 13

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  542-050

Our cast this week included four new player characters:  A Gnomish Aredeni scientist named Dionysius, a pilot from Abequa named D'Arcy, an Uruki barbarian refugee named Maddoc, and an Uruki prisoner of war named Gwayne.  Returning were Tiernan, Lykaios, Lairgnen, Zaccheus and Cinnia (via Skype).

Five months ago, the party returned from their successful trading mission.  After extensive debriefings with both their own clan leaders and with the Ardeni Information Service, they hung around Star City, ignoring the war, and generally being idle.  High King Ossian finally summoned them and offered them a new mission:  travel to either Libmon or Tralnor, or both, and negotiate treaties to bring them into the Ardeni Kingdoms.  He also introduced them to D'Arcy, recently arrived from Abequa; Dionysius, a lab scientist who survived an explosive accident only because he teleported out of the lab at the last second; and Maddoc, a refugee from the Great Central Plain.

They were given 5000 cr to purchase any personal gear they needed, and then decided to look for colonists for Libmon.  They put out word and waited two weeks with no luck.  The zek of Clan Gower suggested checking with the Uruki prisoners, as many were changing their allegiance.

They drove from Star City to the POW camp in the Grey Hills, where they spoke to several prisoners, including Gwayne.  The prisoners would not believe that space flight was possible, since the Reformed Church on the Great Central Plain said such beliefs were blasphemy.  Zaccheus drove back to Star City with D'Arcy, and the two of them flew the launch and an air raft back to the POW camp.  From there, they took the four Uruki prisoners (five, counting Gwayne) back to Star City and then to their ship, which they named "The Arianwyn."  Berthing the Uruki in staterooms, they took off, and jumped to Abequa.  During the weeklong trip, they spoke to the prisoners and tried to determine their course of action for Libmon and Tralnor.  At Abequa, the walked off the ship to speak to the portmaster, but the prisoners again denied they'd travelled in space!  On the trip back to Arden they found the prisoners didn't know how to work the view ports in their staterooms, so they hadn't seen anything outside the ship from the time they embarked on Arden to when the disembarked on Abequa!  They remedied the situation, and soon convinced the Uruki that space travel was real.  As they reached Arden, the Uruki asked to be let off the ship at the Uruki tent city on the Great Central Plain.  

Once there, the Uruki dispersed into the crowd, to speak to their own clans, while the party flew back to Star City to wait for a message from the Uruki about colonizing Libmon.  The zek of Clan Gower met them to find out what they'd accomplished, and after hearing they'd flown the ships to the Great Central Plain, exploded with anger!  "High King Ossian forbade using air or space craft in the war effort, and he's very likely to be angry that you flew there.  Get refueled, and leave immediately for Tralnor... if you're successful, and take a little bit of time, maybe he'll be cool down before you return."  The party did just that.

After a week in hyperspace, they arrived at Tralnor.  At the spaceport, they asked to speak to the members of the Council of Seven, but were rebuffed.  They sold another load of farm equipment, earning still more credit on their account.  After a week on Tralnor, they were escorted out of the spaceport, to a large government building, where they were put up on fancy apartments and provided a sumptuous meal and fine liquors.  As usual, the party kept Lairgnen tied up and gagged on the ship to prevent him from doing any harm.  Maddoc, Tiernan and Dionysius took turns guarding him, while the rest stayed in the apartments.  After four days living there, they were finally visited by Dragomir, one of the Council of Seven.  D'Arcy, Cinnia and Zaccheus became the primary negotiators.  They spoke at length, with Dragomir finally departing, but promising he believed an alliance would be a good thing.  Two days later, they were visited by Rurik, another Councilman.  He listened to their idea, and asked many of the same questions Dragomir had asked.

Seeing half the party sloppy drunk, Rurik said, "Your people do not handle alcohol very well..."

D'Arcy replied, "You're right.  The Ardeni aren't so good at it.  We Abequans, on the other hand, are much better at it!"

Rurik immediately left the room, and returned with a large bottle of vodka and two small water glasses.  Filling each, he handed one to D'Arcy, raised his own, and said, "To your Abequan High King!"  Downing his vodka, he slammed his glass onto the table.  D'Arcy matched him, so he poured a second.  "To the Ardeni High King!"  D'Arcy made the next toast, "To the Tralnorian Council of Seven!" and slammed her glass down hard enough to shatter it.  Rurik immediately left, returning with a new glass... four more quick toasts, with the last by Rurik, "To a successful alliance!"  Rurik departed soon after, in high spirits (pun intended), promising his support.  Cinnia helped D'Arcy back to the ship and made sure she survived a painful night recovering from minor alcohol poisoning.

Two more days passed, and they were visited by a third Councilman, Kasimir, who told them they had really won Rurik over... but he'd be tougher.  Again they were grilled with the same questions and finally, Kasimir, too, offered his support for an alliance.

Back on the ship, they agreed to free Lairgnen.  Unfortunately, as soon as most of the party had left for the government quarters, he convinced Dionysius to come with him while he drove the last of the harvesters from the ship's cargo hold out of the starport and into town.  He crashed once in the starport, but made it out into the city, where he tried to run over people in the street.  Local police arrived, armed with shotguns, and Dionysius was shot and knocked out.  Lairgnen surrendered, and both were taken to the police station.

Kasimir returned to discuss the problem, and the party, in an effort to prove the Ardeni policy of non-interference in local affair, told Kasimir they wanted the Council to handle the crime as they saw fit.  He left, and the party was left alone for the next twelve days.  They were visited next by Miriana, a Councilwoman who came directly from court to say the prisoners had been sentenced to 15 years hard labor in the mines.  She recommended they head home to Arden for now, and come back in several months after the incident was behind them all.  They agreed, and thanked her and the entire Council.

Back on the ship, Zaccheus prepared to depart.  Unbeknownst to the party, Dionysius successfully teleported himself from his prison cell, to his stateroom, where he hid.  Immediately after jumping into hyperspace, Zaccheus noticed the ships engines sounded different than ever before.  Dionysius made his appearance, and the party discussed whether spacing him in hyperspace would be safe for them or the ship...

Meanwhile, back on Tralnor, Lairgnen alerted the guards that Dionysius had escaped with the help of the rest of the party.  The guards ignored his statement, so he tried again.  They clubbed him, knocking him out, and dragged him off to serve his sentence in the mines.

On the ship, the week in hyperspace went by quickly.  As the party prepared to leave hyperspace at Arden, nothing happened... the ship didn't drop out of hyperspace.  Zaccheus realized then the ship had misjumped... and we ended play with the party on board a ship stuck in hyperspace!

(Game Calendar:  542-050 to 542-120)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ardeni Information Service: 542-001 Happy New Year!

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  542-001

To celebrate the new year, we offer this quick recap of the top stories of the past eight weeks:

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-354

Ardeni forces swept into the Borderlands last week, capturing almost a hundred Uruki.  Many of the prisoners have expressed interest in swearing allegiance to the Ardeni Kingdoms.  It appears Uruki resolve to wage this war may be weakening.

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-347

Tralnor (2128 B87655C-4) is an agricultural world ruled by a body that calls itself the Council of Seven.  Our survey team spent much of their time on Tralnor attempting to set up trade agreements, and were very successful in selling farm equipment better than Tralnor can produce on its own.

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-340

Ardeni forces armed with the new auto rifles designed at Leventis Labs in Star City scored a series of decisive victories over Uruki forces, driving them back to the Borderlands from their recent foray to the Valley of Arden.  Theodora of clan Vlahos, leader of the Ardeni forces, said, "The rifles made all the difference.  Leventis Labs gave us this victory!"  She was unavailable for further comment.

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-333

Recent work at the labs in Star City has been approved for production, and sent on to the factories of Alpha City.  Expect to see new consumer goods in the very near future, including televideo, a form of communication that includes video as well as audio, and is expected to replace the telephone as fast as communications lines can be extended from the major cities.

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-326

Uruki forces have pushed forward into the Grey Hills almost to the Valley of Arden.  Non-combatants are reminded to avoid all contact, and to ensure no Plan Alpha technologies are left behind for capture by the Uruki.

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-319

Mitsuko (1927 D3356B9-C) is a technologically advanced world which voluntarily gave up it's space industry more than a thousand years ago.  It is ruled by a hereditary dictator, The Leader, whose ancestors struck the bargain which prevented a planet buster from being dropped on it by giving up access to space.  Our survey team was never allowed out of the spaceport, and met only with The Leader, along with several guards.  In spite of his apparent paranoia about the team, they conducted a successful trade mission:  in return for a cargo of Ardeni spices, the team brought back high-tech weaponry and agreed to transport a group of violent criminals off-planet.  The criminals turned out to be political prisoners and since their arrival on Arden have assisted with Plan Alpha, providing valuable insight at several labs attempting to reproduce ancient technologies.

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-312

Cevdoo (2026 D230xxx-3) is a small world with a very thin atmosphere and no free standing water.  The inhabitants, while human, are highly adapted to their harsh environment, with extremely large rib cages by our standards, capable of gathering and processing enough air to keep them alive without the compressors we would need to live there.  Our survey team found most of the world to be covered by what could be considered a single city.  The locals were eager to trade their metals for food and alcohol and seemed eager for more contact.  Little is known of their culture, except that they practice slavery.

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-305

In the continuing war effort, High King Ossian has forbidden the use of air or spacecraft against the Uruki forces, saying, "We will fight honorably, as they do."

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ardeni Information Service: 541-298

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-298

Gruvek (2126 E978xxx-D) is a balkanized high tech world that has apparently lost all space-faring capability in the course of an ongoing war.  A survey team sent to Gruvek reported large dead-zones based on night-side evidence from the orbital survey.  Closer flights showed a wide range of architectural styles spread across the planet, ranging from rough-hewn wooden forts to stone castles to skyscrapers.  Attempts to land at a starport were met with anti-aircraft laser fire, forcing the survey team to flee.  Further survey work will be conducted only after diplomatic relations have been established.  Gruvek is the first world designated as a red travel zone by High King Ossian.

In other news, the AIS offers it's sincerest apologies to High King Baloq of the Kingdom of Abequa.  In last week's article he was mistakenly referred to as King Baloq.  Per treaty, the ruler of a planet is referred to as "High King" without regard to the number of kingdoms found on the planet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ardeni Information Service: 541-291

Kingdom of Abequa/Abequa/Kapu (2226 D577332-6) Date:  541-291

The newly founded Kingdom of Abequa (full name:  The Democratic Kingdom of Free Abequa) is ruled by King Baloq and his queen, our own Lady Delphi of Stamatelos.  The majority of the population lives on an island 20 kilometers off the coast of the one continent on Abequa.  

Abequa was a high tech world with a class A starport, but one of the last bombs dropped on the planet during the Secession War destroyed the starport and rendered it and the surrounding city radioactive.  The survivors fled the continent, managing to retain both their democratic tradition, and a basic level of technology.   Over the centuries, they've slowly rebuilt their technological base,  which they supplemented by scavenging the continent for high tech leftovers.  

The past century has seen a marked decline in the Abequan population, in large part due to a very low birth rate.  Scavenging trips on the continent, with it's residual radiation, are the most probable cause of the low birth rate.  King Baloq has recommended that his people follow his lead, and marry people from Arden in order to revitalize their population.