Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ardeni Information Service: 541-298

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-5) Date:  541-298

Gruvek (2126 E978xxx-D) is a balkanized high tech world that has apparently lost all space-faring capability in the course of an ongoing war.  A survey team sent to Gruvek reported large dead-zones based on night-side evidence from the orbital survey.  Closer flights showed a wide range of architectural styles spread across the planet, ranging from rough-hewn wooden forts to stone castles to skyscrapers.  Attempts to land at a starport were met with anti-aircraft laser fire, forcing the survey team to flee.  Further survey work will be conducted only after diplomatic relations have been established.  Gruvek is the first world designated as a red travel zone by High King Ossian.

In other news, the AIS offers it's sincerest apologies to High King Baloq of the Kingdom of Abequa.  In last week's article he was mistakenly referred to as King Baloq.  Per treaty, the ruler of a planet is referred to as "High King" without regard to the number of kingdoms found on the planet.

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