Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ardeni Information Service: 541-291

Kingdom of Abequa/Abequa/Kapu (2226 D577332-6) Date:  541-291

The newly founded Kingdom of Abequa (full name:  The Democratic Kingdom of Free Abequa) is ruled by King Baloq and his queen, our own Lady Delphi of Stamatelos.  The majority of the population lives on an island 20 kilometers off the coast of the one continent on Abequa.  

Abequa was a high tech world with a class A starport, but one of the last bombs dropped on the planet during the Secession War destroyed the starport and rendered it and the surrounding city radioactive.  The survivors fled the continent, managing to retain both their democratic tradition, and a basic level of technology.   Over the centuries, they've slowly rebuilt their technological base,  which they supplemented by scavenging the continent for high tech leftovers.  

The past century has seen a marked decline in the Abequan population, in large part due to a very low birth rate.  Scavenging trips on the continent, with it's residual radiation, are the most probable cause of the low birth rate.  King Baloq has recommended that his people follow his lead, and marry people from Arden in order to revitalize their population.  

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