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Actual Play - 10th Game - 1 Mar 13

The Hub/Kearnay/Zaynu (2118 BA69747-A) Date:  542-342

Our cast this game included Chidi, Capt Neo, D'Arcy, Tiernan, Zaccheus, Gildas, Dionysus, Maddoc, Gwayne and Cinnia (via Skype).  Blaine, Lykaios,  and Alec (in cold sleep) were also on board the ship but not represented by players.

The party hung around at The Hub for two more weeks while both Capt Neo and Kojo looked for crew for the Amuar.  Their new crew consisted of 8 Khorred, 5 Vargr and 40 humans.  Fueling up once again, they began their journey back to Arden, taking both Ga'a'atak and Fil with them.  This time, they stopped only to refuel, and didn't make contact in any of the systems they traversed.  The Arianwyn traveled to Sesmiti, then on to Amitola-3, while the Amuar jumped straight to Amitola-3 and waited for them.  After that, they stayed together, jumping on to Mosi, Ryen, Paronu, Rynah, Khdor, Artemis, Prubrea and Abequa in turn before reaching Arden 110 days later.

On Arden, they learned that King Ossian had been elected O'er King of the Ardeni Kingdoms and moved to Alpha Base, and Kyler of Clan Gower had taken over leadership of the Northernmost Kingdom on Arden.  They also learned that three of the Kingdoms of the Great Central Plain had sued for peace, while the rest were still in a state of war.

The party stayed in Star City for three days before flying out to Alpha Base to meet with the O'er King.  While there, they passed on the astrographic data from The Hub at Kearnay, and Ossian welcomed them home.  When he learned they had failed on their initial diplomatic mission to Tralnor, he asked them to go back and try again.  The round trip to visit Ossian took them 5 days.  Back at Arden, Maddoc learned that his Clan (Pryce) was part of one of the Kingdoms that had sued for peace; and he took a few days to recruit 10 Clan warriors in order to form "The Crimson Blade," a group he hoped would help them colonize Libmon.  The party then jumped back to Tralnor.

They spent just over six weeks on Tralnor, finally gaining the Council of Seven's agreement to join the Ardeni Kingdoms.  Returning to Arden once again, we ended the game for the night.

(Unfortunately, I don't recall the details of the Tralnor negotiations... but I know there were some amusing events:  a drinking match with one of the Council, and some weapons-play at the request of another.  Players?  Help me out in the comments!)

A few days later, while the party was relaxing on Arden, they received a call from Capt Diallo, the leader of the crew they'd hired at Kearnay.

She asked, “I have piloted the Amuar, excuse me, the Peacemaker for more than three months now, and have had time to review the ship’s library data.  The technical data about the ship says that it is semi-streamlined, capable of refueling via skimming of gas giants, AND is capable of landing on planet with an atmosphere rating of 0 or 1.  I would like your permission to leave orbit and head to the closest gas giant to practice refueling until you need the ship again.”

The party (via e-mail, since this took place between games) agreed to let her do so.

(Game Calendar:  542-342 to 543-165)

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