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Actual Play - 11th Game - 26 Apr 13

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-6) Date:  543-218

This week was our smallest group of players for Star Clans.  We had a new member, M, join us, and he created a Kearnayan Army Col named Deka, who was serving as a crewman on the Amuar (Peacemaker).  We also had D'Arcy, Blaine, Zaccheus, Tiernan, Capt Neo and Dionysius (he changed his spelling).  After our previous game, they gave Capt Diallo the OK to practice skimming the gas giant for refueling, then party spent a month and a half hanging about Star City.

As this session began, they regrouped and discussed their next move.  They decided to continue trying to expand the scope of the Ardeni Kingdoms, via diplomacy, trade and colonization.  Since the group was smaller, and they wanted to carry cargo, they left the Amuar at Arden, and opted to use the Arianwyn exclusively for now.

After loading up on trade goods (liquor and spices) they jumped to Tralnor then Libmon and on to Mitsuko.  At Mitsuko, they won over the Supreme Leader with the promise that once a year, they'd return with more liquor and spices in exchange for arms and more prisoners.  They agreed there would be no other visits and no other visitors.  After the Supreme Leader signed the agreement, they collected 11 political prisoners, telling him they'd drop them off on an empty planet like the others, and immediately made the trip back to Arden.  The "prisoners" were hired right away by Leventis Labs.

Next, they spoke to the chief of Clan Pryce about emigrating to Libmon.  He liked the idea, but asked to be taken to Alpha Base to discuss it with O'er King Ossian.  The two reached a quick agreement, with the Chief of Clan Pryce being elevated to King.  Upon their return to Arden, the group spent a few months ferrying all 400+ members of Clan Pryce to their new home on Libmon.

Returning to Arden, they loaded up again on liquor, and headed off to Cevdoo.  As they landed, the ship was approached by five merchants in palinquins.  One of the five happened to be Abinadab, who they'd traded with their first time to Cevdoo.  He shooed the other merchants away and invited the group to a feast in his tent.  They were able to convince him to sign the trade accords without too much effort, simply having to agree that all trade with Cevdoo would be through him, and that they'd show up every two months, to give him time to sell out what they'd brought earlier.

Back at Arden, they went to Alpha Base to ask O'er King Ossian to focus on upgrading the starport on Arden.  He agreed it was an important goal for the Kingdoms.  He asked them to take the armor they'd bought at Mitsuko to the Front, where Ardeni warriors were engaged in a stand-off with the Uruki.  After doing so, they returned to Star City where they met with the head of Leventis Labs.  Their goal was to have him open a lab on Libmon, but he declined, saying he'd do so as soon as he knew King Baird (formerly Chief Baird of Clan Pryce) wanted them there.

Finally, they decided to try Gruvek again.  They journeyed to Gruvek via Abequa, where they stopped to meet with King Baloq and Queen Delphi (formerly of their party).  They discussed having Leventis Labs open a subsidiary there and the King agreed, writing out a warrant for delivery to the Lab.  Before they left, Queen Delphi showed the party her children, two fifteen month-olds, a boy named Jean, and a girl named Channelle.

They jumped on to Gruvek.  The last time they visited Gruvek, their ship had been shot at by ground based laser defenses, so they were more cautious.  As soon as they arrived in the Gruvek system, they began hailing.  Their first contact asked who they were, and didn't believe they were from another system, finally signing off rather than talk to people who were clearly trying to con him.  The second contact they made was with an astronomer at a mountaintop observatory.  He didn't believe them at first either, but when he trained the telescope on the ship in orbit, he invited them to land.  He arranged a meeting with his nation's Prime Minister.  They flew the ship to the capital, landing on the lawn outside of the parliament building, where the Prime Minister met them and invited them inside.  They discussed the civil war the planet was having, and she told them there was no such thing... not one of the 35 nations was having a civil war.  Over tea, she explained there had been a long war, but there was an uneasy truce right now, and they asked if there was a transnational group they could speak to.  She left them to confer with the King, and returned later in the day, quickly signing the trade accords, and agreeing to call a meeting of the League of Nations.  They were moved to a military base and hung out for ten days, during which they were caught by camera crews outside the base perimeter and broadcast internationally.  On the morning of their tenth day on the base, the Prime Minister arrived early and told them to prepare to meet with the representatives at the League of Nations.

We ended play for the night with them preparing to meet the League.

(Game Calendar:  543-218 to 544-072)

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