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Actual Play - 12th Game - 3 May 13

Allshire/People's Democratic Republic of Allshire/Gruvek/Kapu (2126 E978978-9) Date:  544-073

This week we were back up to 10 players:  Zaccheus, Blaine, Dionisius, Tiernan, D'Arcy, Capt Neo, Maddoc, Gwayne, Chidi and Cinnia (via Skype).

(In order to get everyone together again) O'er King Ossian asked Maddoc, Gwayne, Chidi and Cinnia to take the Amuar (Peacemaker) to Gruvek to assist with the diplomatic mission.  On the morning the rest of the party was supposed to meet with the League of Nations on Gruvek, Prime Minister Victoria Taylor, of Allshire, notified them another ship had arrived.  They made contact, then postponed the meeting in order to bring the new arrivals down from orbit.

Chidi, Blaine and Gwayne opted to remain on the Amuar (Peacemaker) in orbit, and Maddoc chose to stay outside talking to soldiers on the base.  The rest of the party entered the auditorium to make their case for joining the Ardeni Kingdoms.

They were surprised to note that only half of the national delegations were human!  Twelve were Vek and five were mixed.  The Vek delegates appeared to be crystalline-scaled lizard men!  After being introduced to the delegates by Prime Minister Taylor, Tiernan led off with a speech about the Kingdoms, trade policy and the non-interference aspects of the agreement.  D'Arcy, Capt Neo, Zaccheus and Cinnia chimed in with additional information, and took questions from the delegates, some of whom were openly hostile to them.  Shortly after the group was accused of spying, Dionysius teleported out of the room, which caused an uproar!  Blaine sat quietly, then walked out himself.  Capt Neo stood up and passed out copies of the Trade Accords to all the delegations, and the party gave them time to read over them.  The delegate from The Federated States of Kree asked about purchasing weapons, then argued that if the group helped their enemies even without military aid, it would allow them to devote more time to their military, thus endangering Kree.  He stood up in a huff, ripped the Accords in two, and his delegation walked out.  On the way past the party, though, he dropped a note on their table.

Seventeen delegations signed the Accords, and delivered them to the group.  Thirteen delegations walked out vowing not to sign, and the other five said they had more questions.  After further discussions of representation at the O'ersmeet, currency linkage and the non-interference clause, three more delegations signed, and 2 more decided not to.  The 20 delegations who'd signed then asked about trade goods and  everyone decided to conduct trade the next day.

The party returned to their rooms and, after reading the note, met again on the Arianwyn.  The note from the Kree delegation asked them to contact him via radio at a specified frequency at 2330.  The party made contact, with Tiernan talking for them.  The Kree representative told them they would sign the agreement if they could get weapons, but Tiernan said they couldn't do that.  They spoke for several minutes and the subject was brought up several more times before the radio contact dropped.  The players realized they might have been set up, and asked to listen to the recording of their radio call... but they hadn't recorded it.  (Zaccheus then said that from now on, ALL radios on the ships would be recorded at all times!)

A little while later, they were contacted again by the Kree representative, who asked again if they were willing to trade in arms.  When they balked, he played back a recording of Tiernan saying, "We will ... offer you weapons."  Tiernan tried flattery, admitting Kree had pulled one over on them, but still refused to sell weapons, and the Kree representative hung up again.  The party immediately drafted a dispatch to each of the tweny signers explaining what had happened, and delivered them to the barracks where each delegation was staying.  Tiernan arranged a quick meeting with Prime Minister Taylor, who told him this was standard for Kree... they always played whatever games they could to get ahead.  She told him it would not affect any of the signers, but might affect the other nations.

In the morning, the party brought their trade goods, and ended up selling all the spices (from both Arden and Cevdoo) and textiles they had on-hand.  They then purchased a large load of high tech computer parts from a company from the Commonwealth of Lub.

During all this trading, Dionysius found soldiers on the base who needed to do some digging, and volunteered to help.  Meanwhile, Maddoc, through one of the soldiers, recruited 7 young men from outside of the base to join his "army" and see the stars.

As the trading finished up, Tiernan said the party would remain until the end of the week if anyone else needed to speak to them.  Maddoc asked his contact to find a trainer who would go with them, and he met with a retired Sergeant Major who asked about the job.  He said he could pull together a team if he could have 3 more weeks.  The group waited the three weeks, and Maddoc's "training team" arrived, each wearing jack armor and carrying a pistol.  They were led by a Major, and he agreed they would set up a military training school on Alwuud if Maddoc supplied cash, weapons, recruits and local govt support.

The party then jumped to Cevdoo, where they met with Abinadab.  He was disappointed they had no goods for him, but agreed they could bring in outside help to upgrade the starport on Cevdoo, as long as trade continued to flow through him.  The party continued on to Alwuud, where Maddoc met with King (and Clanchief of Clan Pryce) Baird, who agreed to host the military training facility.  He then dismissed Maddoc and spoke directly to the Major.

Jumping on to Tralnor, the party met with the Council, and asked if they could bring in Leventis Labs to help upgrade the starport.  The Council asked about the starport on Arden, and when they learned it was only a class E, told the party to take a hike, since they already had a class B!  The party then went home to Arden, and sold the computer parts to Leventis Labs at a huge profit.  Maddoc asked to go to Alpha Base, so the party flew out to see the O'er King.  Maddoc met with him to discuss setting up a draft, and the O'er King lectured him on the their government form, reminding him that the free people of the Ardeni Kingdoms would not put up with such a usupation of power, and he wouldn't even consider it!

The party returned to Arden, and we stopped for the night.

(Game Calendar:  544-073 to 544-157).

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