Saturday, August 25, 2012

Actual Play - 6th Game - 4 Aug 12

Our cast for this game included Lairgnen, Tiernan, Gildas, Cinnia, Delphi and Zaccheus.

The characters waited 8 days for their clans to provide trade goods and load the starship.  Their first trip took them to Abequa-36, where they spent a day surveying the system and refueling at the gas giant.  Reaching the main planet, they left their ship in orbit and used the ship's launch to land with a small sample of their trade goods, a pattern they followed on subsequent trips.  Their first encounter was with a local merchant named Baloq, who immediately offered to buy their goods and sell them others.  He offered to act as broker for them, and because they had no common currency, he told them he could act as their accountant as well.  They remained for a week before heading back to Arden.  Baloq requested passage, in order to conduct trade negotiations with the Ardeni.

After dropping Baloq at Arden, they decided to make a long voyage, visiting the Tralnor, Libmon, Cevdoo, and Gruvek systems before hitting Abequa-36 again, and completing the circuit back at Arden.  They were successful trading at Tralnor, and promised other Ardeni merchant ships would soon be there to establish trade relations.  At Libmon, they spotted no evidence of civilization, but while exploring with the launch, they located several bands of stone age primitives.  They decided this would be an easy world to colonize, but didn't bother contacting any of the locals before heading on.  At Cevdoo they were also successful, and again promised other merchants would be there soon.

At Gruvek, they found a world at war.  Low tech nations filled with ancient stone ruins butted up against high tech nations with skyscrapers.  The night side of the planet was mostly lit, but huge dark patches provided evidence of the devestation of war.  While surveying the planet, one of the high tech areas fired on their launch with ground-based laser defenses, and they decided to leave the Gruvek system for another time.  

Upon their return to Abequa-36, they found the second Ardeni merchant vessel offloading goods, and met again with Baloq.  Finally back at Arden, they discussed briefly a trip to begin colonizing Libmon before ending play for the day.

(Game Calendar:  541-121 to 541-196)

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