Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Actual Play - 14th Game - 16 Jul 13

Star City/Arden/Kapu (2227 EA766C2-6)  Date:  544-287

Characters in play this night included the returning Tiernan, Zaccheus, D'Arcy, Aggie, Capt Neo, Dionysius, and a new PC, Vladimir.

Two and a half weeks after dropping Watson, the "boy in the metal box" cargo container with the Chief Librarian, he asked the group to return to the Kelrax system for additional salvage, including the main computer core from the station.  They contacted the Peacekeeper, and asked Chief Engineer Zesiro to accompany them on the journey.   As they waited for his arrival, they met a recently arrived exile from Gruvek by the name of Vladimir Alexicov, a retired marine.  He agreed to join their party as well.

Loading into the Arianwyn, they jumped to Tralnor, spent a day refueling, and headed on to Alwuud, where they again spent a day refueling.  Their next jump took them to the Kelrax system, where they quickly headed to the asteroid with the colony station.  After landing, Vladimir scanned the local area and found the remains of quite a few wrecked starships.  Zaccheus used his psionics to scan for life, but found nothing within his range.  Once inside the station, Zesiro inspected the power plant, and told them it was a standard hydrogen powered plant, with tanks capable of storing 30 tons of fuel.  The party made the 5 day round trip to the closer of the two gas giants in the Kelrax system, and were able to fill the station's tanks.  Zesiro brought the power plant online while the party explored the power dome.  They managed to find the main breaker controlling life support in the dome, and brought it online as well.  As air started to fill the power dome, Zesiro turned on power to the central dome, and the Team began to explore it as well.  With power restored to the dome, they were able to use a terminal to pull up maps and locate the main computer room, as well as the program notes for the AI Seed program, which they realized must be Watson, the "boy in the box" they'd "rescued" during their last visit.

In order to salvage the computer core, per the Chief Librarian's request, they left life support off in the central dome, and blew the airlock so they'd have a large enough exit to manhandle the computer to the ship.  This took several days, during which several party members explored the third dome.  This dome held both living quarters and a store-room of personal gear, which they inventoried.  Once the computer core was secured in the Arianwyn's hold, they flew to the gas giant to refuel, then made the journey back to Arden, again stopping for a day in the Alwuud and Tralnor systems to refuel.

Back on Arden, they delivered the computer core and copies of the AI Seed program data to the Chief Librarian.  They asked if any progress had been made with Watson, and learned he'd been moved into a shielded vault after he asked about The Watcher.  Inside the vault, Watson had admitted The Watcher had been asking him lots of questions, but wouldn't tell anything about himself, and that in the vault, he could no longer hear The Watcher at all.

They decided to take a break for a while in Star City, and a week later, Dionysius woke with his first vague memory of what had happened to him on Alwuud.  He recalled using his pickaxe on the concrete in the hole he dug, and he remembered breaking through it.  He couldn't remember how thick the shell was, but knew he'd accidentally dropped his pick into the dark hole and had a clear memory of seeing it fall out of sight in the darkness.  He never heard it hit bottom.

They decided to return to Alwuud to solve the mystery, and brought Ga'a'atak and Fil onboard with them before taking off.  Leaving orbit, they made the jump to Tralnor... but didn't fall out of jumpspace at the end of the week as they were supposed to.  Three more days went by, and they finally dropped into normal space... 17 parsecs from their intended destination, in deep space... without enough fuel to attempt another jump!  Using the astrographic data they'd received from Kearnay, they quickly figured out where they were, an empty area of space (0519) in Hallu Subsector.  They spent a week there, scanning space around them, and found jump signatures indicating the area had been visited recently, and possibly regularly.  They turned on their rescue beacon, hoping another ship might jump into the system and find them, but also began work on splitting hydrogen out of the alcohol Tiernan had on board.  During their second week stranded, Ga'a'atak and Capt Neo entered low berths, hoping to conserve life support and supplies...

(Game Calendar:  544-287 to 545-020).

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