Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Old Beliefs

You ask about the Old Beliefs, and I assure you, "Old" they may be, but Truth nonetheless!  Recall your Oath, from our Unreformed Church:  

"We are not of this world.  Our true home is a Kingdom beyond the sky; a Kingdom of men such as we, and non-men like the gnomes.   We are loyal soldiers, and we serve our Kings, our High King, and The King Above.  We await His call to arms, and our return to our rightful place in the army of His Majesty.  Until that day, we fight to live, we hone our skills in the profession of arms, and we maintain eternal vigilance.  This we know."

Our Oath is neither allegory nor metaphor, our Oath is the literal Truth of our being.  We ARE the soldiers of the King Above, and we stand ready to serve him.  This we know.

Now go, leave me be.  You are no longer a child, to have such questions, and you know your duty well.  There is nothing more I need say about the Oath; unless it is to report your lack of faith...

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