Monday, December 26, 2011

Out of Uruk

We are not of this world.  On that point my Great-Grandsire Tristan agreed with the priests of the Reformation!  When they began teaching that The Fall was a punishment for spiritual impurity, though, he kept to the old beliefs, and publicly denounced the priests and the entire Reformation.

Tristan was a wealthy Clan Chieftain in Uruk before the Reformation, but he was stripped of all wealth and title, and banished for blasphemy at the age of 27 by the Highsmeet at the Court of the High King.  As was custom, he and his people were given seven days to leave; and he led his destitute family out of Uruk to the Borderlands where the priests held no power, and settled there to try to survive.

As high as the mortality rate was in Uruk, it was higher in the Borderlands.  Between regular skirmishes with both the Uruki and the gnomes, and the generally poor soil of the Borderlands, not one person in ten lived to old age.  It was a hard life, and when my Grandsire Condon became Clan Chieftain, he led the people farther across the Borderlands from Uruk, and into the Grey Hills.  It was he who discovered this valley, and made peace with the gnomes living here; and it was to him these same gnomes passed on the their knowledge of Planetfall.

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