Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Reformed Church

What?  Now you're back with more questions?  Ah, the Reformed Church... chaplains who've forgotten their place, if you ask me... and you did, didn't you?  You know the Oath, and you know that it is the literal Truth.  The chaplains of the Reformed Church deny this.  They claim the Oath is a spiritual Truth, not a physical or literal Truth.  They blaspheme when they say the King Above is just the name our Forebears used to describe God, and that they only did so to enforce the rule of the Kings and the High King.  They teach that other Works are equally as important as the Profession of Arms, and that we best serve the King Above when we lay down our Arms and devote our lives to whatever Works we are best suited for.

It makes me sick to hear it... and it makes me sick to think of what has happened in Uruk since the Reformation.  It is true they produce better goods than before, but at what cost?  Certainly a weaver who devotes all his time to weaving makes finer cloth than one who weaves only after he has spent his day practicing with his sword or his bow.   The Uruki grow fat and stupid, and the Reformed Church has the temerity to argue against the Kings and the High King in public!  The Clans grow weak, with many Uruki forsaking their own kin and kith; turning instead to the Reformed Church for aid and guidance.

Before you go, let me remind you of The Oath.  The King Above is a man, mortal as you or I, and we train in His service for the day when we are called to rejoin his army.  This we know!  Do not fall for the easy lies of the Reformed Church, but remain vigilant and hone your skill at arms, lest you be found wanting on the day we are called.

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