Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ardeni Law

The Ardeni Kingdoms are a peopled both by Pre-Reformation Uruki (PRU) and Gnomes and as such, Ardeni law is a mixture of the two older systems.  The ruling class of clan chieftains and kings mainly follow PRU, while the lower class families of both peoples tend to follow Gnomish laws.  Conflicts between the two are handled at the family or clan level.

As the two peoples have intermixed, some families from each have taken up the professions of the other; thus in the Ardeni Kingdoms there are now some Gnomish warrior families as well as some Uruki who have given up arms to become farmers or craftsmen.  In spite of this mixing, the election of kings still follows PRU exclusively,  so only a warrior may be elected king, and then only if he is blemish free.

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