Friday, January 6, 2012

Social Structure

The family is the basic unit of society, among both men and gnomes.  The typical family is headed by a man and wife; and includes all his siblings and their spouses, and everyone’s children and grandchildren.  Growing beyond this, families tend to split into separate families. 

A clan is typically made up of around 100 families; many, but not all, interrelated.  In Arden, there are clans that include unrelated gnome families, and there are even a few clans led by gnome chieftains. 

A Clansmeet is held annually in the home territory of each clan.  Each family belonging to the clan turns out in force for a several weeks of training, carousing and feasting.  During the Clansmeet, the Chieftain can choose, or change, his Zec (designated successor), an able-bodied adult from his family, but not necessarily the oldest or even his own child. 

Typically, five clans form a Kingdom.   The Kingsmeet is held every five years, or as needed to elect a king.  All able-bodied adults of the clans gather to carouse, train, feast, and if need be, elect a new king.  Each king appoints a zec, at this level more an honorary position of assistant, since kings are elected.

There are currently seven kings in Uruk and three in Arden.  

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