Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Valley of Arden

Northeast of the Great Central Plain, the Borderlands narrown to just 10 kilometers wide.  The ground continues to rise and becomes rolling hills leading into low mountains.  This area is known as the Grey Hills among the gnomes, and they have several settlements where they mine iron from particularly rich veins of ore.

Farther northeast, in the mountains, can be found the Valley of Arden.  It is actually a long series of valleys almost 150 kilometers long, and anywhere from 5 to 25 kilometers wide.  The Valley has rich soil, and abundant moisture, making the bottomlands very fertile and the highlands excellent grazing land.  It is home to both men and gnomes.

Since the peace treaty was signed here, the original clan has grown rapidly, having a much lower child mortality rate than in Uruk.  In addition, many gnome families have joined the clan, such that it has grown to become three Kingdoms.  In Arden, the blended culture has allowed the men from Uruk to continue their pre-Reformation lifestyle devoted to Arms; while the gnomes have provided the skilled labor so needed by the clans.

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