Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flora and Fauna

Across the entire known world, all flora and fauna are at least partially edible, and most completely so.  While some, such as the grasses, are less easily digested, all plantlife can be counted on to provide at least a minimum level of nutrition.  There are no known poisonous plants.  

Animal life is primarily herbivorous, with some smaller jackal-like scavengers.  Wild sheep, cattle, horses and goats are all found, and both men and gnomes have domesticated dogs.  Owls and hawks are the largest known predators.

This abundance of readily available food explains why the Uruki have always been able to concentrate on their arms while ignoring the heavy labor of farming; families are able to fence off some land, and eat just about everything it produces.  The abundance of sheep has meant that wool is cheap.

It is only in Gnomish lands that true farming occurs.  As in any other skilled craft, Gnomish farmers have poured their creativity into their work, creating huge numbers of regional varieties of crops.

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