Sunday, February 26, 2012

Actual Play, First Game!

Today was our first Star Clans game!  We had seven players to start, all from the Northernmost Kingdom, ruled by King Ossian, Chieftain of Clan Denby.  Here’s our current cast of characters:

Lykaios is a female Gnome barbarian from the Valley of Arden.   UPP: 877AB6/6, Broadsword-4, Leader-1, Brawling-1; has Telepathy level 6, Age 26.  Her family serves under Artemis, Chieftain of Clan Maragos.

Alec is a male Gnome rogue from the Valley of Arden.  UPP:  B9CAA3/6, Longbow Cbt-1, Streetwise-1; has Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Awareness, level 6, age 18.  His family serves under Artemis, Chieftain of Clan Maragos.

Zaccheus is a male Gnome scientist from the Valley of Arden.  UPP:  673EA8/A, has Telepathy and Telekinesis, level A, age 22.  His family serves under Artemis, Chieftain of Clan Maragos.

Cinnia is a female Uruki noble from the Valley of Arden.  UPP:  9A686C/C, Gambling-1, Sporting Crossbow Cbt-1, Leader-2, Admin-1, Broadsword-1; has Telekinesis level 12, Age 26.  Her grandsire is a first cousin to Kyler, Chieftain of Clan Gower.

Gildas is a male Uruki rogue from the Valley of Arden.  UPP:  738796/6, Jack-of-all-Trades-2, Leader-1, Medical-1, Broadsword-1, Streetwise-1; has Telepathy and Awareness, level 6, age 26.  His family serves under Kyler, Chieftain of Clan Gower.

Tiernan is a male Uruk noble from the Valley of Arden.  UPP:  78658E/4, Admin-1, Longbow Cbt-1, Streetwise-1, Medical-1, Carousing-1, Leader-1; has Awareness, Telepathy, and a special talent, all level 4; age 26.  His grandsire is the youngest brother (of 5) of Tevin, Chieftain of Clan Wyghmore.

Lairgnen is a male Uruk from the Great Central Plain.  UPP:  8888A2, Interrogation-1, Broadsword-2, age 18.  His family was exiled recently, and made their way to the Valley of Arden, where Madden, Chieftain of Clan Ludlow took them in.

Character creation ended up taking 2.5 of our three hours allotted.  During the last half hour, we began actual play.

During the Northernmost Kingdom’s Kingsmeet, the characters were summoned to the table of King Ossian.  Once they were all seated at his table, he spoke:
“Each of you has been recommended by your Clan and by your Family, as having the potential to accomplish a mission of great importance not only to our Kingdom, but to the other Kingdoms of the Valley as well.  As you know, shortly after the Reformation in Uruk a century ago, Tristan, Chieftain of Clan Denby was banished for blasphemy.  He and the entire Clan went into exile, moving to the Borderlands.  His youngest son, Condon, led us to this Valley, and sued for peace with the Gnomes already living here.  Together, we have grown and prospered during our banishment, and it is time to reunite our Kingdoms with the High King in Uruk.  The Highsmeet, held every 20 years at the shore where planetfall took place, begins in two weeks.  We have not attended since our banishment, though we’ve kept an eye on it each time.  Your task, then, is to travel southwest, and leave the Valley.  You will head west through the Grey Hills, and make an appearance at the Highsmeet, where you will request an audience with the High King.  Tradition dictates he must hear you; and you will use the opportunity to open talks for reunification.  Should he agree, you will let us know immediately, and I and the Clan Chiefs will depart for the Highsmeet ourselves.  I recommend you outfit yourselves tonight; and leave first thing in the morning.”

He then granted them 2000 credits each to outfit themselves, and dismissed them.  As the party visited the weapon smiths and other craftsmen, gathering the supplies they needed, night fell.  The characters noticed an unusual abundance of shooting stars, an auspicious sign, before turning in for the night.

They were roused early by messengers from the King.  “You are summoned back to the King’s tent immediately, for additional instructions before you depart!  Make haste!”

When they’d reassembled at the King’s Table, Ossian again came in and sat at the head, and began without preamble:  “Last night, you probably noticed the shooting stars… I’ve received reports that several crashed into the Grey Hills, due south of the end of the Valley.  Since you’re already heading that way, and you should have the time, I want you to attempt to find the impact sites before you head west to the Highsmeet.  Should you find anything of import, you will let us know right away!”  With that, Ossian stood, and left the tent.

The party then gathered their supplies, and began their trek southwest along the main road running the length of Valley.  Their trip was uneventful, and they passed through the other two Kingdoms without incident.  Midway through the fifth day of their journey, they reached the end of the Valley.  The road sloped up into the mountains, narrowing to the meter-wide path that led to the Grey Hills.

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