Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Survey, Exile

Georg II, the first Emperor born in Exile, and second of the Philosopher Kings, directed the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service to conduct a Survey of the Imperium in Exile.  The Survey was completed in just twenty years, and it's publication was hailed by the Court as a sign of greatness to come.  The Survey provided data not just on the 77 worlds of the Imperium in Exile, but on the several hundred worlds surrounding it that were not yet part of the Imperium.  The Survey followed the same standards as the First and Second Surveys conducted by the Third Imperium.  Cyril IV, last of the Philosopher Kings, also commissioned a Survey of the Imperium in Exile.  It took about forty years, and wasn't finished until a decade after his death.  By the time it was published, the Imperium was ruled by the Merchant Houses, and the data was quickly used both to expand trade with the surrounding systems and to guide colonial expansion of the Imperium.

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