Saturday, February 25, 2012

Second Exile Survey: Melyn 32

Melyn 32 is a type G yellow dwarf located at 0607 in the Kapu Subsector, Exile Sector Rasu.  There are seven "planets" in orbit around Melyn 32.  The system is inhabited by the Elekeen, a human subrace that, like many others, were apparently seeded to their pre-Exile homeworld by the Ancients.  Not much is known about them post-Exile, but pre-Exile records indicate their race suffered greatly during the Long Night, leading to their isolationist tendencies.  Although the Elekeen do participate in the New Imperium, they don't tend to allow visitors to this system.  This survey was conducted with only their grudging consent, so data may not be fully accurate.  They have requested (and been granted) Amber Zone Status, meaning travel to this system is discouraged, and only then with their permission. 

M32-1, nearest the star, is a rocky worldlet 2000 km in diameter (UWP:  D-100291-9).  It has no atmosphere, and is tidally locked.  The Elekeen have established an observatory on the day/night border at the northern magnetic pole; it includes a scientific research station housing approximately 400, and a Type D starport.  The tech level listed is based on access to goods from M32-2.

M32-2 (UWP:  A-A7659C-9) is a large world, but with an anomolously low surface gravity indicating it likely does not have a metallic core.  This world has native plant and animal life both on land and in the oceans.  Land-based animals are no larger than 20 kg; limited survey time found evidence of much larger sealife; possbily as large 10,000 kg.  The Elekeen have made this their post-Exile homeworld, though their population appears to be much smaller than expected.  Their government appears to have the full support of the people, though it is rather restrictive of individual rights.  MP32-2 has a satellite roughly 1/8 it's mass which is also inhabited.  Like their observatory on M32-1, the Elekeen have established a scientific research station on their satellite, though we were unable to learn any details of its purpose.

M32-3 is an asteroid belt, consisting mainly of metallic asteroids.  Three separate belter stations were observed, indicating the Elekeen maintain an active mining presence here.

M32-4 is a gas giant with three rings and two satellites.  The Elekeen have established an orbiting refueling station here, but we were warned not to approach; being told the rings create anomolous magnetic readings that would damage our ships sensors.  

M32-5 is a gas giant with two rings and fourteen small satellites, the largest with a diameter of 4000 km.  They have an orbiting refueling station here, and it appears the Elekeen are active on all fourteen satellites.

M32-6 is another asteroid belt, but consists mainly of rocky non-metallic bodies.

M32-7 is a large oddly-shaped icy body of approximate diameter F.  It does not appear natural, and is worthy of further investigation.  Beacons in orbit warned us away from this body; as did several Elekeen system ships.

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