Thursday, February 16, 2012

First Exile Survey: Melyn 32

Melyn 32 is a type G yellow dwarf located at 0607 in the Kapu Subsector, Exile Sector Rasu.  There are seven "planets" in orbit around Melyn 32.  

M32-1, nearest the star, is a rocky worldlet 2000 km in diameter.  It has no atmosphere, and is tidally locked.

M32-2 (UPP:  X-A66000-0) is a large world, but with an anomolously low surface gravity indicating it likely does not have a metallic core.  This world has native plant and animal life both on land and in the oceans.  Land-based animals are no larger than 20 kg; limited survey time found evidence of much larger sealife; possbily as large 10,000 kg.  No sapient life was found.  MP32-2 has a satellite roughly 1/8 it's mass.  This world was recently claimed for colonization.

M32-3 is an asteroid belt, consisting mainly of metallic asteroids.

M32-4 is a gas giant with three rings and two satellites.

M32-5 is a gas giant with two rings and fourteen small satellites, the largest with a diameter of 4000 km.

M32-6 is another asteroid belt, but consists mainly of rocky non-metallic bodies.

M32-7 is a large oddly-shaped icy body of approximate diameter F.  It does not appear natural, and is worthy of further investigation.

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